Âme is a Belgian women’s ready-to-wear label that explores the strength of laid-back luxury. It is created to serve a new generation of women who champion everyday ease in style.

“Lose your mind, find your soul.”

We design the very pieces that we ourselves want to wear every single day, from work to the weekend. Feminine garments that make you feel beautiful and comfortable, without compromises.

At the heart of our brand lies a low-key and timeless aesthetic, which is reflected in minimalistic shapes with on-point details. All our items are made from soft and pure fabrics - such as wool, cashmere, cotton and viscose - and in a neutral color palette mixed with one or two seasonal colors.

The precious key items - we believe you should hold on to - return each season. Never again, you have to say goodbye to your favorite garment because why change the one thing you love the most?


Âme is based in Antwerp and rose from the souls of Alizée Van Strydonck and Ysaline Grangé, two determined dreamers with more than 10 years of experience in the field of fashion. An idea settled over a glass of wine and shaped by their passion and knowledge is today’s new go-to brand for women who embrace a wardrobe with longevity.

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Âme – Bae Top – Black

Âme – Moka Sweatpants – Black


Âme – Moka Sweatpants – Taupe


Âme – Ulla Oversized Sweatshirt – Brique


Âme – Elsa Top – Camel

Âme – Elsa Top – White

Âme – Moka Sweatpants – Charcoal


Âme – Moka Sweatpants – Camel


Âme – Maya Knit – Charcoal

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Âme – Terracota V-Neck Sweater – Off White

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Âme – Julia T-Shirt – Black

Âme – Julia T-Shirt – Camel

Âme – Julia T-Shirt – White

Âme – Ulla Oversized Sweatshirt – Camel


Âme – Ulla Oversized Sweatshirt – Light Grey


Âme – Terracota V-Neck Sweater – Camel

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