Our journey started in 2000 in Peru, South America. The founders of Kuyichi, NGO Solidaridad, were exploring the cotton industry in Peru and were shocked by the pollution and the poverty they saw.

This had to change. They started collaborating with local cotton farmers, rewarding them and everyone involved in the supply chain, for their hard work and stimulating them to produce fair and organic cotton. Without the use of toxic chemicals. But no brands were interested in buying organic fabrics and end products at that time, because it was too expensive.

“So why don’t we start a brand ourselves?”, they said. “To make sustainable products more interesting and change the industry”. Kuyichi was born.

The most commonly worn product made of cotton is a pair of jeans. The denim industry is also one of the most polluting ones in the entire fashion industry, so we started making 100% organic denim as the first brand ever. We’re still very proud of this and making a positive change in fashion is still what we’re here for.

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Kuyichi – Demi Short – Black

Kuyichi – Demi Short – Off White

Kuyichi – Rosa Straight – Ice Blue

Kuyichi – Nora Loose Tapered – Light Blue

Kuyichi – Bella Linnen Shirt – Off white

Kuyichi – Bella Linnen Shirt – Royal Blue

Kuyichi – Bella Linnen Shirt – Bordeaux

Kuyichi – Bella Linnen Shirt – Black

Kuyichi – Bella Linnen Shirt – Emerald

Kuyichi – Nora Loose Tapered – Medium Blue Repaired

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Kuyichi – Bella Printed Tee – Royal Blue

Kuyichi – Amy Bootcut – Essential Blue

Kuyichi – Nora Loose Tapered – Vintage Black

Kuyichi – Nora Loose Tapered – Grey

Kuyichi – Nora Loose Tapered – Heritage Blue

Kuyichi – Lara Chino – Black

Kuyichi – Lara Chino – Sand

Kuyichi – Carey Skinny – Totally

Kuyichi – Chelsea Jacket – Vintage Blue

Kuyichi – Mia Tencel Shirt – Light Blue

Kuyichi – Nora Loose Tapered – Undyed

Kuyichi – Sara Straight – Very Likely

Kuyichi – Carey Skinny – Black Again

Kuyichi – Carey Skinny – Dark Blue

Kuyichi – Amy Bootcut – Herbal Blue

Kuyichi – Amy Bootcut – Dark Faded

Kuyichi – Amy Bootcut – Faded Black