Wil jij weten welke maat je nodig hebt van Kuyichi? Zie dan hier de size guide!


To be most accurate, it’s best to let somebody else measure your body for you. Don’t be shy! Or just give it a shot yourself…

1. CHEST + Make sure to measure around your chest on the widest part,
over your nipples with your arms down. 

2. SHOULDER + Go from your little shoulder bone (acromion) over your back to your other little shoulder bone. You should feel this little one easily, it’s the one sticking out.

3. ARM LENGTH + Measure from the shoulder bone (acromion) – to your elbow and from there to your wrist over a relaxed arm.

4. WAIST +
Your waist is the smallest part of your body, normally this is just above your belly button. If you bent to one side, the crease that will form is your natural waist. Measure fully around.

5. HIP +
Find the biggest part of your bum. You will normally measure it at the height of where the zip fly of your jeans would end. 

6. THIGH +
Measure a few centimeters below your crotch around the biggest part of your upper leg. 

7. KNEE +
Lean on the knee you want to measure so it’s slightly bent. Measure over the top of your knee (patella) fully around on the biggest part.

* To find your perfect length, check the inseam length on the size guide of your favourite style

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